082516 0908pm

Near Upset!

Dux 14   'Hawks 9

Great effort against the State Champs, Cedar!

081916 0916pm

Hill Family History started

082316 0848pm

Indoctrination U. 2016/2017:  “Balance is an offense to the truth” 


I had to laugh at this headline before I even read the article.   Matter of fact I have not even read the whole article yet.   A politically motivated college professor actually lecturing us on The Truth?    And who or what is this entity called The Truth?  Obviously the prof thinks it has been offended in some way.    As you know, it exists in a way in which it is ABLE to take offense!   We all know it can be conflicted, but I guess its just plain taking offense to things now, like that nasty thing called balance.   Ha ha, they will go anywhere to justify their means!

William Hill


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